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Bosz Arch, Inc. utilizes a Matterport Pro 2 3D camera and processing services to capture, document, and provide an interactive 3D virtual walkthrough of any facility interior or exterior, pre-, during, and post-construction. These services are provided as part of a project scope or as a stand-alone product for clients.

Advantages of a 3D Virtual Tour:

►Pre-Construction Tours

  • Document existing conditions of a facility in 3D
  • 3D scan is viewable as a web-based interactive walkthrough tour
  • Tour URL/link can be sent to all project teams, which can:
    1. Minimize field changes
    2. Reduce jobsite visits
    3. Reduce rework costs
    4. Promote better coordination & communication
    5. Increase productivity and profitability
    6. Allow measurement and distribution of data

►During Construction Tours

  • Document degree of progress completion at a particular point in time
  • Viewable by all team members 24/7, on any device, to accommodate changes and revisions
  • Ability to annotate, analyze, measure, and distribute information

►Post-Construction Tours

  • Document finished work on a project
  • Use for marketing, training, or sales purposes

  • 3D Virtual Tour; which is provided within 24-48 hours after facility scan completion
  • 4K quality finished Virtual Tour with built-in navigation and accessibility features
  • URL link/embed code for direct access to Virtual Tour (valid for 1 year)
  • Accuracy within 1%


1. Cost of 3D Virtual Tour is calculated based on facility square footage for one facility/location at ambient temperature conditions. $500 minimum. Additional charges and/or fees may apply.

2. One hour of travel time (roundtrip) is included in price; additional charges for travel time beyond the first hour.

3. Additional Services:
   1. Reflected Ceiling Plan (priced per plan generated)
   2. Floor Plan (priced per plan generated)

4. Additional charge per SF for adverse site conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Uneven floor terrain (e.g. rubble, loose soil, broken/damaged subflooring)
  • Extreme temperature conditions (heated production areas, coolers, freezers, blast freezers)
  • Restricted, confined, or delayed access to site areas

5. Additional fees applied for the following:

  • Equipment move/set-up fee for scan areas higher or lower than ground level (mezzanine, roof, basement, etc)

Preceding pricing subject to change

Commercial Kitchen
Inglewood, CA
57,237 SF
Ontario, CA
1,302 SF
Carson, CA
26,812 SF
General Produce
Sacramento, CA
3,811 SF
Food Service Warehouse/Distribution
Honolulu, HI
57,724 SF
Major Food Service Warehouse
Waipahu, HI
109,500 SF
South Morada Drive
Orange, CA
Property exterior

PO BOX 978, Sunset Beach, CA 90742
(949) 262-1102

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