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Vernon, CA - 49,059 SF

Arctic Glacier is a leading producer and distributor of high quality packaged ice to consumers in the United States and Canada. The facility in Vernon utilizes the highest state-of-the-art technology to manufacture over 1.2 million pounds of quality ice per day. Their system uses specialized filtration and purification systems to produce purified water, and a “drying belt,” to produce the highest quality ice product available. The general contractor hired Bosz Arch, Inc. to provide architectural and engineering services for a new ice plant in an existing structure. Originally designed for The Union Ice Company, the project presented unique challenges to build a modern ice plant in a 1950’s building. There are 49,059 square feet of refrigerated and accessory spaces for ice manufacturing and distribution.

  • 2,000+ SF ice production area with 8 high-volume production machines, screw auger and conveyor belt, located in recessed pits
  • 1,000 SF ice drying room with a conveyor belt and steel rack-supported refrigeration evaporator coils
  • 6,900+ SF +45°F ice packaging and bag staging area with high-speed packaging equipment to package ice in clear bags
  • Multiple ice storage freezers totaling over 16,000 SF with temperatures of 0°F and +15°F
  • 4,300 SF of administrative offices, toilet rooms, locker rooms & break room
  • 6” thick polystyrene core insulated wall and ceiling panels with USDA Polar White finishes throughout production areas and freezers
  • New exterior truck well with 8 loading locations and dock levelers

Arctic Glacier
Arctic Glacier
Arctic Glacier
Arctic Glacier Arctic Glacier
Arctic Glacier
Arctic Glacier

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