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We believe technology helps our world become a better place. We are constantly changing the way we do the business of architecture as new, exciting technologies emerge, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best and latest available.

--- Cody Bosz

Bosz Arch, Inc. embraces technology and innovative thinking. Our construction documents are completed using the most current drafting and collaborative technology available, which gives us the means to share, transmit, and discuss information about a project instantly, on any device, with anyone involved in the project. We believe technology gives our clients an advantage because it provides a more accurate, faster means of providing information and facilitates greater collaboration, especially to help pinpoint clash conflicts. Our plans are thorough, highly detailed, understandable, and user-friendly. We use the following:

►Autodesk AutoCAD® and Revit® with a proprietary system created in-house to plan and design projects and infrastructure to create documents faster and more accurately. This system helps pinpoint conflicts before and during construction and has features designed to make it easier for all project team members to navigate through the plan set faster.

►Autodesk BIM 360 interface to facilitate coordination and collaboration with all project teams in real-time to accelerate informed decision making and reduce revisions to control costs. This allows us to provide the most updated information to all project teams, make changes in real-time, and notify users instantly of any changes anywhere, anytime, on any device.

►Virtual meeting room for team collaboration and discussion at any phase of a project

►Matterport 3D camera to capture, document, and provide an interactive 3D virtual walkthrough of any facility interior or exterior, pre-, during, and post-construction


"Bosz Arch has the cleanest, most detailed, and easiest to maneuver plans that I have worked on. Their new real life 3D virtual tour is the cherry on top to their great package. This cuts down jobsite visits and greatly increases productivity."

--- Steven Hansen, Jr., Hansen Cold Storage Construction

"By utilizing BIM 360, Bosz Arch, Inc. has made work on projects a lot simpler. Uploading large files is a breeze. Thanks for the new technology!"

--- Larry W. Lang, P.E., Lang Construction
Consulting Engineer


Team Collaboration
Our office works closely with consulting engineers - structural, mechanical, plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, and food processing services - as well as contractors, developers, and public agencies to ensure a smooth, coordinated effort and a quality finished space or facility. And, we know how to fast-track projects when time is money.

Entitlements & Permitting
We are familiar with the nuances of having projects entitled under stringent California regulations. In addition, our team understands the process, regulation, coordination, and permit requirements to obtain approval for new construction documents from government agencies. We have developed strong working relationships with personnel in city and county government agencies over many years, and successfully secure approvals with minimum restrictions through careful resolution of complex issues.

When it comes to architecture, we are problem solvers dedicated to lifelong learning, on-going team collaboration, and "find-a-way" thinking at every stage of the project development process. We pride ourselves on innovative solutions to complex problems, especially when on-site situations arise.


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(949) 262-1102

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