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San Diego, CA - 1,366 SF

Bosz Arch, Inc. was asked to provide architectural and engineering documents for a freezer and cooler in an existing building, with Clarion Construction, Inc. as the general contractor. This space is a biomedical facility for a major American manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare products. Due to the sensitive nature of products being stored, the project required redundant refrigeration systems in all temperature-controlled areas.

  • 594 SF of -25°C freezer with 27' clear ceiling height
  • 772 SF of +2°C vestibule/aisleway with 20' clear ceiling height
  • 6" thick concrete freezer floor over 7" of rigid insulation over 4" concrete sub-slab over an electric floor heating system
  • Metl-Span urethane core insulated wall and ceiling panels with USDA Polar White finishes


PO BOX 978, Sunset Beach, CA 90742
(949) 262-1102

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